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Gentle Dental Complaint - Stay Awat From Gentle Dental at ALL costs!!! - appointment
Gentle Dental Complaint

Gentle Dental Complaint


Stay Awat From Gentle Dental at ALL costs!!! - appointment

Submitted by Dr. J.

My experience with Gentle Dental located at 5815 Melton Drive in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73132 was about as bad as they could come. I arrived there on June 17th at 11:00 am CST for my first appointment. Brettany Tinsley, whom I am told was only recently transferred there . . . perhaps a "pass the trash" situation from her last job . . .? . . . didn't bother to inform me in advance that I would need X-rays. If she had told me before I had come in, I could have brought them with me, as I had them, but she made no mention of that. Given that I had already had sufficient doses radiation from X-rays from dental cleanings both abroad and in the USA over the past year or so, I declined and told her that yet another dose of radiation in such a short period of time would be very unhealthy. I only had two choices: I could either get X-rays there or get them from a previous place. Brettany did offer to do the X-rays for free, but she also knew that I didn't want more radiation, and she got very rude . . . extremely rude! She told me that I could call and get the X-rays, but she said right then and there that I would not get them for at least 2-3 days. I told her that I wanted to call them to ask for them, as the other place wasn't that far away, I asked for the phone book. Brettany Tinsley gave it to me and I found the place to call, but then she took the phone book away from me and stated that she would look for the number, losing the number I had just found in the process. I informed her that she had just lost the spot to call, and she insisted, "They'll be easy to find in the yellow section." I specifically told her that I wanted to make the phone call and that I would like the pages back. After she had difficulty finding the place I wanted to get the X-rays from, she gave them back to me to find them. My wife called me on my cell phone number while I was looking for the number in the phone book--again. I stopped to talk with my wife for a second and to listen to our baby-to-be's heartbeat, as she was getting an ultrasound. Once again, Brettany Tinsley took the phone book from the counter and made the call herself. She rudely told the person on the phone right in front of me, "I told him [me] that I would do the X-rays for free, but he refused." She continued to talk about me and was rude, so I decided to call them myself and get the faxed over quickly. While I was looking for the number she and another office manager, Tabbitha Pollard, rudely started whispering about me right in front of me. Hello! I was right there! Did they think I would not hear or be able to read their lips? Brettany Tinsley even mocked my mild-moderate stutter right in front of me, and another staff member smiled as she did it. HOW RUDE! After getting a person there who said she would get them faxed right over to me, I filled out the three forms you fill out as a new patient. As I was doing this, Brettany Tinsley handed me a card with her regional manager's name on it. Brettany then told me repeatedly that she would be happy to help me find another dentist if I wanted. Why? What? I just wanted to get my teeth cleaned! Is that so hard?! Why would I want to go elsewhere? My wife had already been there before Brettany Tinsley ever started working at the new location, and I had been in there, too, with my wife and we had never had any problems. We had paid hundreds of dollars for the dental work and had done nothing wrong. At any rate, both Brettany Tinslet and Tabbitha Pollard started going behind closed doors and making calls to various Gentle Dental offices. They even closed the door so I could no longer hear them. Finally Tabbitha Pollard emerged and told me . . . as I was waiting patiently to hear back about the status of my X-Rays, that my appointment time was up and that the dentist would not be able to see me then. I told Tabbitha Pollard that I wanted to talk to the dentist, and she told me that he had already left the building for lunch. Really? I had not seen him leave! Did she think I was a moron? I guess so . . . So, I went over to where the dentist worked and called out his name, asking another worker there if the dentist was still there. Guess what?! She said, "Oh, Dr._________ (I am choosing not to include his name for personal reasons) is with another patient." Really? I looked back at Tabbitha Pollard and said, "I thought you said he wasn't here." She retorted rudely, "He's working on his lunch break. That's what he's doing." I said, "Well, I still want to talk with him." She snapped back, "Well, you can't. We're no longer going to see you as a patient here. You need to leave." I left and tried to contact Gentle Dental's corporate office, but no one answered. Finally I called another location in Oklahoma and was able to get the phone number for a lady named Debbie. Debbie didn't care and I told her I would sue . . . and she still didn't care. She was just another corporate suit who cared nothing about the customers. I spoke with the dentist we were supposed to see . . . after spending much time looking up his name and location on the Internet, and he was kind enough. However, even though he was with another patient at the time of this stupid and avoidable incident, he could have come out to save Gentle Dental from losing many good paying clients. I told him what I wanted - a formal letter of apology or else we would sue - and he said he would try, but he himself was only an employee of Gentle Dental. Both Tabbitha Pollard and Brettany Tinsley of Oklahoma City, I found out today, refused to apologize in any way, shape or form, and they were actually supported by the corporate office. I could say more about the dentist but don't wish to do so for personal reasons at the moment. STAY AWAY FROM GENTLE DENTAL AT ALL POSSIBLE COSTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR, AND IT'S NOT WORTH IT!!!! Never . . . never treat your customers or even your worst enemy like that...........No!

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